Ghost Candle Mat in Wool Applique

Who can resist candy this time of year!
And what better to decorate with, than candy corn.

This little seasonal mat is made of wool and features applique and a green sparkle thread outline.

I used my Baby Lock Sashiko machine to add the sparkle thread to the top of the candle mat.
The pattern is from Buttermilk Basin.
I purchased the kit from My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shop in Midway, UT.
They carry an extensive variety of wool felt and the shop has sew many samples,
thread, and supplies for quilting and for wool designs.
Just eye candy at its finest!
Buttermilk Basin also has lovely patterns for Christmas wool items.
I can’t wait to stitch up a number of them.
If you want to add some simple, quick décor items to your home,
try your hand at wool applique.
It can be stitched by hand or by machine.
Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit today.

Coneflower Season

Coneflowers are one of my most favorite of summer’s floral beauties

They’re reliable, they return to visit me every summer
and they always produce colorful blooms

no matter the environment – wet – dry- cool – hot
it doesn’t matter
they return.
And now, I can enjoy the beauty of the coneflower year round.
This quick, wool applique candle mat helps me get my coneflower fix
even when the cold winter winds are blowing and the snow is swirling
I added hot fix crystals for a little bling on the “cone”
From “Purple coneflower is one of the toughest, most reliable perennials on the market”
As you can see, my coneflower is indeed purple
But, it has some added burnt orange coloring
A very similar coloring to the coneflowers growing in my garden
I pressed the wool with my iron and held it in place too long,
thus scorching the purple wool!!!

Instead of hand stitching, I used my sewing machine for the applique
My #BabyLock #Sashiko did an outstanding job on those leaf veins . . .
and on the coneflower stem
The back of the mat is finished off with a simple, cotton fabric

This little mat is a lovely addition to my late summer décor
Enjoy the late season beauty of this great earth God has created, my friends.

A Notion Bag for a Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Event

Happy July, sewing friends!
I’ve been a busy little worker sewing up inventory for
my Etsy shop that will open on August 1 (more on that later)
So I decided to take a break and make something for myself
It’s the #SewTogetherBag by Sew Demented
I’m heading to Federicksburg, VA in late September to attend the
Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Express Serger III course, and
I needed a cute bag to house my sewing notions, so I decided to give
the #SewTogetherBag a go
There is lots and lots of storage in this compact bag:
3 inside zipper pockets and 4 open compartments
 The zipper pockets are all lined with striped fabric
there’s also a little, puffy, pin cushion
and . . .
a needle landing in pink and green wool felt
Instead of the standard 18″ zipper closure,
I used a 24″ purse zipper (available in my Etsy shop in August)
The purse zippers have a wider tape on either side of the zip,
which makes them easier to insert in a bag
and they are also stronger than standard size zips
I used my Lori Holt Bloom templates to add some applique to the front of the bag
and the fabric is Welcome Home by Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics
Are any of you heading to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Fredericksburg this year?
Send me an email or comment on this post – I would enjoy meeting you in person
Happy sewing, my friends!