Civil War Generals’ Wives BOM – Month 11

This month’s block is in honor of Ellen Mary (Marcy) McClellan.  Her marriage to General McClellan happened only after he proposed to her on nine different occasions over a span of about 7 years (and she rejected him all nine ccasions because she loved another man).  It is a rather astonishing story as to why she finally said “yes”.  Sorry, but the material is copyrighted, so you must find other means to find out the rest of  the story.  🙂

Block 11 – Ellen Mary (Marcy) McClellan wife of General George B. McClellan

Civil War Generals’ Wives BOM – Month Seven

Here’s the seventh of twelve blocks for this quilt.  It has a number of little pieces and I really like the look of the block.  This one is to commemorate Mrs. Pauline Clark Mosby, wife of General John S. Mosby (The Gray Ghost).  Now if  you know your Civil War Generals, you know that John S. Mosby never attained the rank of General.  He was a Colonel.  If you are so inclined to check it out, DH pointed out to me that Colonel Mosby’s mug graces the cover of the April 2012 edition of Civil War Times.  Yes, yes you can stop chuckling now – I admit it.  Civil War Times magazine is delivered to our mailbox six times per year.
So is the quilt now called The Generals’ Wives and One Colonel’s Wife Quilt?  Probably not.

Civil War Generals’ Wives BOM – Setting Blocks

I received the fabric and instructions for setting blocks several months ago, but procrastinated in assembling them.  Please don’t laugh, but being the novice quilter that I am, I had no clue what a setting block was!  So in my effort to understand said blocks, I came upon an article at McCalls Quilting that explained it quite well.  These blocks are oversized blocks that are used around the perimeter of the design blocks so they can be trimmed to size without cutting into the design blocks.

So here are my first two setting blocks:

Setting Block #1 – I made 12 of these

and . . .

Setting Block #2 – I made 4 of these

I am waiting for design block #7, which should be here next week.  Until then, that is my quilting for now. 

I am moving on to tweaking the fit of my Jalie jeans pattern and altering the design a wee bit to make a pair of capris.  I purchased some black stretch denim from Joann Fabrics this week and it is pre-washed and ready to go.

I also completed a dress this week, but I don’t have photos to share as of yet.  Hopefully I will get that one posted this weekend.  Have a blessed Easter.