Frozen Falls Crochet Throw

No doubt about it, quilts make a house a home.
But when quilts and crochet throws intermingle,
homey is elevated to cozy.

This one is from the Winter 2013 issue of Love of Crochet.
It’s called Frozen Falls and I thought the
Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn
in Igloo was the perfect frozen color to pair with the pattern.

It is such a soft yarn and when combined with this stitch pattern,
makes for a beautifully, soft, drapey throw.

One feature that I’ve never stitched before is the reverse crochet around the edge.
The pattern instructs to work a reverse single crochet around the throw.
In my excitement to finish up this project, I wasn’t paying close attention,
and I ended up crocheting a reverse double crochet.
Of course, it was more time consuming than a reverse single crochet would have been,
but I am pleased with the end result.
My daughter commented that the edging finishes it off like binding on a quilt.

Some You Tube videos proved to be helpful in learning this new technique.
I love how it completes the throw.
Have you ever done reverse crochet?
I had never even heard of it until I stitched this pattern.

Happy crocheting, my friends!

Pint-Sized Crochet Cape for A Pint-Sized Girl

Can I just say how much fun it is to crochet cute little things for cute little people!
Okay, I’m a bit smitten with my grandchildren.
This cape is from the Winter 2013 issue of Love of Crochet magazine (pg. 81).
I love that the neckline is ruffled.
The fit can be adjusted with the drawstring.

A button just below the ruffled neckline
adds additional security to prevent slippage off the shoulders.


The yarn is Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend in gerbera daisy.
The magazine version is done up in garnet red with a matching hat for Christmas.
I chose to crochet a spring version.
After all, most spring dresses for little girls feature short sleeves or no sleeves.
It’s chilly in Utah in the spring.
Need I say more?

The icing on the cake (that truly is what it looks like)
is the white trim that is worked on the front loops of three rows.
In looking at the magazine photo, there are four rows of trim.
The pattern calls for three rows.
I like it best with three rows.
The pattern sizing is child 2-3 years.
My granddaughter is 3 (almost 4) and it fits beautifully.
She giggles as she twirls to show off her new cape.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.


Diaper Carrier and Hoop Wall Hanging

Yep, it’s another Diapers to Go diaper and wipe carrier baby gift.
This is by far, my all-time favorite gift to sew for new mommys.
The lovely recipient of this one already has a girl version that I made for her several years ago.
She is expecting a little boy this time, so I chose the gray, yellow, and black theme.
I also added a cute little embroidery hoop wall hanging embellished with her new son’s initials. 
He is REW III, that’s why I added the three little hearts after his initials.


Some shell stitch crochet around a wooden embroidery hoop adds a sweet frame to the hooped fabric.

The raw edges of the hooped fabric on the back side are completely covered.
Hug Snug rayon seam binding was the perfect finishing touch.


The walking foot was perfect for quilting straight lines across the outer shell of the diaper carrier.  But when it came to the inner pockets . . .

I decided to experiment with some quilting.
The left polka dot pocket panel has a square grid quilted on it.
The right side is quilted with a feather pattern.
Hmmmmm, no synergy between the geometric grid quilting and the feather quilting.
I opted to quilt both sides with the square grid pattern.
That’s better.

If you’re looking for a fun, quick, and very much appreciated baby gift, this one fits the bill.
Before this young mom knew I would be making a second one for her, she actually asked if she could purchase one from me.
I reassured her that I already planned to gift her with a new one.
It’s nice to know she really liked the first one.
I have a new home dec item to share with you as soon as I get it photographed.  Until then . . .
“Love one another, just as Christ has loved you.”  (John 13:34, paraphrased by me)

– Pam –