Happy Valentine’s Day

Here are some sweet gifts from my sweet DH who happens to be out of town on this sweet day.  Whatta guy!  I Love you DH.  The cute little stuffed dog brings to mind a said Basset who lives with us.  Same coloring and the heart horns are quite befitting.

Crochet Moss Rose

This crochet pattern is from ammee’s idea book #4, Crochet Candy – Embellishments & More.  I love the patterns in this book.  This is what the flower looked like when I finished crocheting it.  Most of the flower patterns in this book are shown with a button in the center, so. . .

I added the black button from my stash.  I sewed it on using the same yarn (Manos cotton stria, color #205) and a size 16 tapestry needle.  I will add this to a baby shower gift that I will be making shortly.  Here it is with the fabric I intend to use for that gift.  More on that later.

Is that not just too cute?!

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