I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on my Jalie jeans this week, but here’s a couple of pics.
First is the front pocket ‘bag’.  This is what I will see each time I pull on my new jeans:

Second is a close-up of the front pocket topstitching.

I’m almost done with the zipper insertion, but don’t have any pictures to share yet.  Construction of the jeans has been temporarily halted as my little grandson was born three weeks early and I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter this month so I must make the baby quilt a couple of weeks sooner than I anticipated.  I’m almost done piecing the baby quilt and plan to completely finish it by next weekend. 

This is what I used earlier this week

to accomplish this in about 15 minutes:

I LOVE my Accuquilt Go!  I will be using it again this week to cut the binding strips for the baby quilt.  Here’s to a (hopefully) productive week.

3 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

  1. I've heard about the efficiency of using the Accuquilt system. This must be a new, improved version you have because I don't recall seeing such a great, compact carrying case. Lucky you. The squares look awesome and perfectly duplicated.What a great tool to have in your stash.I'll be sure to check back again to see how this latest project is coming along.Enjoy your day.


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