Jalie 2908 Morphed

Jalie 2908 Capri Style

I took the Jalie jeans pattern and morphed it into a pair of capri pants.  Actually, in looking at the photo, they’re more of a pedal pusher.  Just like the jeans, they are very comfortable and have a great fit.  I used a black stretch denim from Hancock Fabrics and I topstitched with white topstitching thread.

Something I did not add on my first pair of jeans was a coin pocket.  I did add it to this pair and I really like how it turned out.  Here’s a close-up of the itty bitty pocket:

Front coin pocket and rivet

You can also see the rivets that I added to this pair.  I did not include them on my first pair because my jeans had gold topstitching and I wanted to add gold rivets, but they were nowhere to be found locally.  Does anybody have a source for jeans hardware?  I love the more RTW look of jeans with rivets.

For the back pocket design, I decided to go with an embroidered applique.  I chose a subtle white tone-on-tone print fabric for the butterfly and used teal embroidery thread. 

Back pocket design

The white fabric seemed like a good idea until I looked at my rear end from a distance and it just looked like two huge white splotches on my rear – like I sat in paint or something!!  So I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies (yes, I said scrapbooking, not sewing) and I used walnut distress ink to tone down that white butterfly a bit.  The idea of the unfinished edges on this applique is that it will fray more with each washing and the outline of the butterfly will become more noticeable.  I have washed these several times since making them, and sure enough, that applique becomes more defined with each washing.  One of these days, I will take a photo and post it so you can see I’m not making this up as I go.  🙂

If you are in the U.S., have a terrific and safe Memorial Day weekend.

One thought on “Jalie 2908 Morphed

  1. Very well done! I really like the contrast stitching and the applique. Allowing the edges to fray sounds like a great idea. Isn't it nice also when we can pull tricks from one hobby to another? Taylor Tailor has jeans rivets in nickel, copper, and brass (and, bonus, they're Made in USA). I haven't used this shop before but, I've read positive things about it.


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