A Midsummer Night’s Bloom – Bed Runner Follow-up

Good Friday morning all my sewing and blogging friends!  In preparing to share my quilting with you all, I had to go back to my previous projects so I could reference the original post on this bed runner.  Wow!  Has it really taken me 3+ months to get this topper quilted?  The blog doesn’t lie.

So here is “A Midsummer Night’s Bloom”, finally quilted, bound, washed, and lounging on the bed.

I must confess, I am not necessarily a pastel color kind of gal.  And I had my doubts even after I completed all the piecing for the top.  But now that it is quilted, I’m really liking this bed runner.  I think it is that pop of chocolate brown that draws me in.  DH mentioned three times how dark brown was the perfect choice for the binding color.

I used several different quilting motifs.  The quilting shows up best on the back, so here is a close-up:

In lieu of a completely solid backing, I like to add a strip of coordinates from the quilt.  I also like to machine embroider a label for my quilted projects.  Here’s what I did on this one:

The wording on the label doesn’t show up very good in pictures.  I used a pinkish peachy thread for the lettering.  It looks great in person, but not so great in pictures (unfortunately, my photography skills are lacking).  But you get the idea.  🙂

This week I also sewed up a new blouse which I plan to wear today.  After I get it photographed, I’ll meet you back here.  Until then, happy sewing!

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