Binder Pouch

I’m heading down to Salt Lake for the Sewing Summit this afternoon and I decided this morning that I needed a cute pouch in which to carry my supplies.  After all, who goes to a sewing conference without a handmade item full of sewing supplies?  So I sewed up this pouch with fabrics I had on hand. 

I didn’t have the time or desire to shop for supplies so this tutorial was the perfect answer to my search for the perfect little pouch.  Isn’t it dang cute!!!  I only made a couple small changes to the original pattern.  I used laminate fabric (by Riley Blake) and instead of the fabric three ring binder tab called for in the pattern, I simply used a piece of canvas strapping that I found in my stash.  No, I do not have the grommets on it yet, because I did not have any on hand.  I will purchase those later.  As for now, I will just be carrying it in my purse anyway.

Here’s a shot of the zipper edge.  You can see how nice and flat it lays.  Perfect for storing in a binder.  And the laminate fabric is especially nice if you are making this for your child’s school supplies as it wipes clean easily.

I forgot to photograph the backside, but it is just a piece of the darker laminate.  And, BTW, if you are using laminate fabric, the teflon coated presser feet work marvelously.  Have a great sewing weekend.   🙂

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