Add a Quick and Easy Pocket Label to Your Quilt

Colorful Boy Quilt with a quick and easy pocket label

My favorite workshop at the Sewing Summit last week was Perfect Pockets with Deborah Moebes of WhipstitchThat girl truly loves pockets and would like to see them on everything –  everything I tell you!  I signed up for the Perfect Pockets workshop because I avoid adding pockets to almost any and all projects I sew.  I think they add bulk to my already bulky body.  Deborah did, however, change my mind.  Her enthusiasm and humor were quite contagious.

As I was quilting my grandson’s quilt upon returning home from Sewing Summit, I began to think back about the weekend and all the lovely, lovely women I met and all the great teachers and speakers from whom I was priveleged to learn.  Deborah Moebes and her Perfect Pockets workshop jumped to the forefront of my thoughts and I pondered adding pockets to everything as she encouraged us to do.  I envisioned pockets on the quilt, but I am a very practical person and I needed a reason for those pockets to be there.  The quilt was already sewn and halfway quilted so I knew I would not be incorporating pockets into the design.  The only other detail left to add after binding it was the appliqued quilt label on the back side.  Eureka!!!

I added a flap pocket to the back of the quilt and incorporated my embroidered quilt label onto the pocket.  And yes, the pocket actually serves a purpose.  My original intent was to give my little grandson a tooth fairy pocket.  Last year, my daughter inadvertently threw away a tooth that my granddaughter lost, so I reasoned this would be a “safe” place in which lost teeth could await the tooth fairy.  Then, the tooth fairy could just put the money exchanged for the tooth into the pocket for safe keeping until morning.

But in addition to tooth-fairy duty, this quick and easy pocket label could also be used to store small “treasures”.  I did not put a closure on the flap.  I was concerned that hook & loop tape, a zipper, buttons, or snaps could be uncomfortable if my grandson rolled over on the quilt pocket while sleeping. 

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