Anna Maria Horner Roundabout Top

I’ve used Anna Maria Horner fabrics on a number of occasions.
I appreciate that her artwork is not ‘cutesy’ like so many of the quilting fabric designers.
She has a very modern-classic spin on fabric design.

So, when I committed to attending one of her Craft South workshops in September,
I decided I should sew up one of her patterns using her cotton voile fabric.

The pattern is called Rondabout Dress & Slip.
But upon further inspection, one will see that the pattern includes
option C, which is a pullover blouse.
Now, I wanted a bit of a fitted waistline, so I opted to add rows of 1/4′ wide elastic
to the back waist piece only.
No, that step is not included in the pattern instructions.
(A closer look at how I did that will be detailed in an upcoming post.)
The front waist piece is still nice and flat.

After reading a few reviews on Patternreview,
I assumed the neckline would sit a bit low.
The pattern instructions note that the blouse should be pinned at the shoulders,
before finishing the neckline to ensure that the neckline isn’t too low for you.
I didn’t have a problem with a low neckline, I would simply wear a cami if necessary.
But when I finished the neckline with the bias trim,
the trim “flooped” forward and would not lay flat against my chest. 
It just looked SLOPPY.

Before elastic

After much pondering, I opened up the seam at the shoulder
and inserted 1/4″ elastic into the neckline between the bias trim and the blouse front.
Yes, again a pattern change using 1/4′ elastic – we’re friends!

After elastic

All in all, not too bad of a pattern, but I probably will not sew it again.
What about you, my friends, have you used any Anna Maria Horner patterns?
I would love to hear about your experience.


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