A Mid-Winter’s Mini Quilt

Fabric:  “Pretty Potent” by Anna Maria Horner
This bit of sunshine brightens the wall above the antique desk in our living room.
It is one of the first pieces of wall decor to be seen as one enters the room.
My dad was the first of all the family members to notice the new wall art.
He said it just looks like sunshine when he walks in the room.
His comment is particularly special to me because, my dad you see, is dying of brain cancer.
He has a very difficult time expressing his thoughts in words.
If you’ve ever been around a person who has cancerous tumors in his or her brain,
you know that their speech deteriorates almost daily.
He comments every day on how that mini quilt brings the sunshine inside.
Pattern:  Pinwheel Mini Quilt
 This one will always be very special to me because of the way it brightens my dad’s last days.
I encourage you, my friends, no matter what season of life you may be in right now,
God will shine on you when you ask His Son into your life.
(Psalm 67:1-3) 

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