Personalized RTW Apron

Happy March, my sewing friends!
I wanted a new apron to wear as I’m in the kitchen
preparing Easter dinner
so . . .
rather than sewing an apron,
I chose to embroider a ready-to-wear apron

The machine embroidered designs are part of a design collection from OESD:
if you plan to embroider a RTW apron like this one (part of a 3-pack from Sam’s Club)
remove the stitches from both outer sides and bottom pockets only
the pockets are much easier to stitch back on if you leave the center pocket seam in place
I used some hearts included with the collection and
strategically placed them around my monogram
for the embroidery on the bib of the apron
the monogram lettering is a font from my computer – Juice ITC
I added two rows of ruffles to the bottom of the apron using the ruffle foot
here’s a short video to show you how I did that:

after sewing on the ruffles,
I added a row of topstitching to hold those “pleats” in place

okay, now to go put that new apron to use in the kitchen
my husband will thank me              😉
thank you for dropping in,
I *heart* visitors

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