Simplicity 3678 Knit Dress

This is one of my favorite dress patterns. The instructions are plain and simple, just like the dress. I sewed view B last year, but did not write a review. I liked it so much that this time around, I sewed view A so I could have a comfortable, summer dress. This is a great pattern for beginners since there are no zippers, buttonholes, etc. The only extra details are the pleats in the bodice front.

I like that this pattern is for knit fabric. I love to wear jersey knit dresses (they don’t have to be ironed and they don’t require special laundry care). Jersey knit dresses look good all day because they don’t wrinkle. I can also use my serger for most of the seams on this pattern and that makes the sewing go much faster and it gives it such a nice finished look on the inside. The pattern also has a perfect fit for my not so perfect body (lol)! The short sleeve version has 9 pattern pieces, but don’t let that deter you if you are pattern shy. It is still a quick, easy dress to sew, and in my humble opinion, gives RTW results.

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