Simplcity 3790

I made this top (view B) about a month ago, but forgot to post it on my blog! I’ve worn it a number of times since completion and I really like it. I used ITY knit that I purchased about six months ago.  I purchased it either from Gorgeous Fabrics or Denver Fabrics, I don’t remember which.  Guess I should start labeling my fabric stash.

The pattern sizing seems to run just a bit large.  I made it in my usual size 12 (for tops), but after wearing it a couple of times, realized that I should cut a size 10.  Perhaps I will make a sleeved version in the fall and will use the size 10 instead.  Oh well, it is not so big that I can’t wear it.  I just prefer my knit tops to be slightly more form fitting.
The pattern is labeled easy and it truly is.  With my serger, it went together quickly.  The most time consuming portion of sewing, was adding bias binding as a finishing along the front crossover piece.  Here’s a shot of what that looks like on the inside:

Basically because I’m impatient (making narrow hems on knits is time consuming), I used my serger to make a narrow rolled hem on the sleeves.  Here’s a close up:

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