Lovely Lavender

Everything about lavender is appealing to me.  The leaves – long and lanky.  The flowers – upright and slender.  And oh, best of all, the smell – subtle and clean.  Here’s one of the lavender plants in my backyard:

I gave it a haircut and and harvested the flowers.  Here they are drying in my basement:

In about two weeks they will be ready for me to sew lovely lavender sachets.  What a beautiful and fragrant sewing project it will be!

2 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. Thanks for the kind comments. Lavender likes to grow in the West because it is hot and dry. It is hardy in zones 5-8. Might be worth a shot to try it though. My favorite types are \”Hidcote\” and \”Munstead\”.


  2. How awesome! I wonder if I can grow lavender in my zone? I found your blog today from PR and am ashamed to admit how long I've been lurking on here. You have created an enjoyable space!


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