Yes, I’m Still Sewing

This is the pattern I’m currently using:

I just adore the look of classic pieces. The pillbox hat, although not included in the pattern, really intrigues me. I’ve always wished hats for women would come into fashion once again. Until then, I will wistfully admire them from a distance.

The cardigan is complete, sans the buttons and buttonholes.  I’m having a difficult time finding just the perfect buttons.  Therefore, until it is completely complete (?) I will just post a couple of detail photos.  The first one is the shoulder seam.  Ordinarily a piece of stay tape or stabilizer would be used here, but I opted for some ribbon from my scrapbook ribbon stash.  I really like the ribbon and it matches perfectly with the color of the knit fabric.  It’s a fun little detail that nobody will see but me, but it brings a smile to my face when I see it.  The second photo is simply to show that I used a 4.0 mm double needle to stitch down the sleeve and body hems.

Shoulder seam

Double stitched hem

My plan is to make a complete ensemble for fall.  I’ll sew the blouse from this pattern also.  I’m not sure which skirt pattern I will use.  The jury is still out on that one.  I also have an outwear garment targeted on the horizon.  Yes, my brain plans faster than my fingers sew!

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