Civil War Generals’ Wives BOM – Month Four

Admittedly, I’m behind on my Civil War Blocks of the Month.  This one was my January shipment!  I’m working on catching up with them this week because I truly would like to have all 12 complete by October so I can finish the quilt in time to give it to my Civil War enthusiast husband for Christmas.

This was a fun block to sew.  No itty bitty pieces to worry about.  And I’m really partial to green, so of course I like the color scheme.  This block is in honor of Irene (Rucker) Sheridan, wife of General Sheridan.  Following the Civil War, the Sheridan’s lived in Washington in a home that was purchased for them by Chicago citizens who were grateful to General Sheridan for his work following the great Chicago fire in 1871 – now that’s gratitude!!

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