Simplicity 1806 – Silk

Happy May Day to all.  What a gorgeous way to begin May.  The weather is mild and beautiful and I have so many sewing projects in queue.  Today I have a repeat of Simplicity 1806 to share with you.  You might remember, I used the turquoise bridal fabric for this first one, but this go around I chose a coral 100% silk.  I also mixed it up a little with the pattern pieces by adding sleeves to this version.

I have to say, the silk flounce does lay down much nicer than the heavier bridal fabric, and I do love the feel of the silk against my skin, but I’m truly liking both versions.  Perhaps it is the color that’s drawing me in, I’m just not sure.  A bright spot to note is that I did get my serger back from the dealer and I used a rolled hem along the edge of that flounce.  So much nicer than a narrow folded hem.

I have a pair of black denim capris cut and waiting to be sewn.  Hopefully I’ll get a good start on those before we go camping for the weekend.  Have a most enjoyable first week of May.

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