Diapers to Go Baby Gift

Here’s yet another version of the Diapers to Go #150 pattern. 

I  reviewed it before, but I made a couple of minor changes this time around.  I omitted the carry strap (I don’t think it gets much use) and I substitued a velcro strap closure instead of my usual magnetic closure.  The velcro strap is more secure and it allows for more bulk inside the carrier.

Here’s a side view of it with diapers and wipes inside (you can see how the new closure will allow for more goodies inside):

Inside view (empty):

My only dilemma in constructing it by inserting the strap between the dotted bacground fabric and the batting (so it would not show) was that I could not add the binding as the last step.  This is not something I thought through thoroughly.  When I showed it to my DH, he suggested I simply make a buttonhole in the binding strip to slide over the strap and apply the binding as usual.  What a brilliant idea!  Sometimes it takes a non-sewer to see the obvious.  Thank you DH.  Here’s a close-up of that buttonhole:

The recipient thanked my numerous times over the course of a couple days.  I’m glad she loved it.

On my cutting table right now is Kwik Sew 3854, view B.  Have a great rest of the week.

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