Kwik Sew 3854 – Sailor-Style Shorts

This is such a cute shorts pattern – if only I could get them to fit!

I present to you, my valued readers, my latest wadder.

Notice the big gap at the back waistband and the gaping, droopy section in the front.  I adjusted and took these in (a total of 1 1/4″) as I sewed them together, but they still need to be taken in a good 2-3 inches.  If I do that, I fear it will distort the style lines of the garment.  Therefore, they are oficially classified as a wadder.

I also think the back darts should be extended slightly.  They appear to be a bit short.  Or, maybe the length of the darts is okay if the shorts fit properly.  The pattern instructions are very clear and easy to follow and I really like the style of the shorts, so I will ponder whether or not to attempt another pair.  If I do, I will definitely cut a smaller size.

I’m moving on to another project.  I’m in the mood for a maxi skirt or dress, so that will most likely be the next garment that I sew.  The best way for me to get past a wadder is to quickly move on to the next project in queue.

Here’s hoping you rarely have wadders and you are richly rewarded with success.

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