McCall’s 6567 – Maxi Skirt

After the “wadder” early last week, I needed something that would give me instant gratification.  Here it is, and it has become my new favorite summer skirt.

The pattern is super easy and a beginner could sew this up quickly. From start to finish it took me about one hour to complete.  I did not follow the instructions because there are only two pattern pieces.  I simply sewed up both sides, but instead of the elasticized waistband allowed for in the pattern, I chose to use a foldover waistband.  I have a couple of RTW knit skirts with that type of waistband and I really like them.  To do this, I cut off the pattern at the waist where it allows for a self casing and treated my new fold over waistband just like stretch binding on a t-shirt.  I cut a piece of fabric 10″ wide and approximately 2″ smaller than the total top circumference of the skirt.  I sitched together the short ends of the waistband and folded the band in half lengthwise.  Then I sewed the waistand to the skirt, raw edges together and I simply fold it over when I wear it.

I’ve had this knit fabric in my stash for several months.  I think I picked it up at Joann’s for 50% off during one of their spring sales.  It is a very lightweight one-way stretch nylon/lycra knit.  I adore the deep purple color.  Since I used knit fabric, I didn’t do anything special to the seam finishes.  I simply used my serger to finish them.  If you choose to make this same version with the shaped front hemline as I did, be aware that the inside of the back will be visible.  I recommend a fabric such as this where the wrong side is not distinguishable from the right side and I recommend that you plan to finish the seams in some way so you don’t have raw edges showing.

Serged seam and rolled hem

One word of warning about this pattern – it runs very, very large.  I cut an XSM and I still had to take 4″ off the waist/hipline.  I usually cut a size medium or small.  The fabric suggestions on the pattern are for light to medium weight woven and moderate stretch knit fabrics.  I’m thinking a woven fabric would not have to be adjusted as much as a knit, but the pattern still runs large.

Have a great sewing week!

One thought on “McCall’s 6567 – Maxi Skirt

  1. Great skirt! Hooray for quick projects to give us our mojo back! I love the waistband modification. I wouldn't have thought of that but, it does make items so much more comfortable. (All of my yoga pants have a waistband like that.) Thanks for sharing the details.


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