Easter Jacket

I was in need of a shorter jacket to wear with my new Colette Meringue skirt (and jeans, and capris, and slacks – you get the idea!).  This Project Runway inspired pattern, Simplicity 2728, was the answer.

Worn with my Colette Meringue skirt – beautiful, bright spring colors make me happy   🙂

Here it is with skinny, black corduroy pants, which is more weather appropriate since *sigh* it is raining and snowing here today:

Can you see that teeny little pop of light pink color at the top of the pockets?  The jacket was so solid, that I thought I would add just a subtle touch of interest by lining the pockets with the same light pink lining that I used inside the jacket.  By omitting the pocket facing that was included in the pattern, I was able to stitch the lining fabric to the pocket fabric, right sides together, then turn and press. Because the lining fabric is much lighter than the corduroy, and there is no facing, the lining pulls ever so slightly to the top of the pocket giving a glimpse of what is inside.

Speaking of lining, I really like the way this pattern has a facing that goes around the entire outer edge of the jacket, so the lining is attached completely to the facing (no messy hemming – well, my hemming is usually messy anyway!).  The facing is then sewn onto the outer edges of the jacket.  It gives such a nice, clean finished edge around the whole inside of the jacket.

Before sewing the lining to the facing, part of one side seam in left open for turning.

After sewing the facing, with lining attached, to the outer jacket, the open side seam in the lining can easily be hand sewn closed.

I used an itty bitty overcast stitch to close up the opening in the lining

I prefer to wear my sweaters and jackets buttoned just below the bust line and not all the way down to the hem, so I added only one button to the front of this jacket.  Why add all those buttons and buttonholes is I’m not going to use them?

Now if the weather will only cooperate, I can wear this short-sleeved beauty most of the spring and into summer.

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