Using a Favorite to Teach a Friend

Yes, it’s yet another charm pack table runner.
You’re probably tired of seeing this pattern by now,
but c’mon,
look at those gorgeous spring colors
(Printemps by 3 Sisters for Moda).
Plus, this is the perfect beginner project.

Since it uses a charm pack, there’s no cutting.
You can just get right down to the fun – the sewing!

And when your friend asks you to teach her to sew
you immediately suggest your ‘go-to’ table runner.
The quilting can be as simple or as intricate as you wish . . .
and it’s always easier to see from the batting side,
before the back is sewn on.
My friend, Deanna, also loves her new table runner.
Now go, teach somebody to sew.
You will both be blessed.

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