A Girl Can Never Have too Many Totes

Hub and I went camping last weekend.
Crochet is my go-to camping activity!
Forget the hiking, fishing, outdoorsy stuff
(okay, I enjoy those also).
But crocheting is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon
under the RV awning.

My handy, and very stylish, Martha’s Tote, housed my crochet supplies.
This is another required project for the Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing course.
It is also a sewing class that I will offer once my licensing is complete.

The exterior is printed burlap.
The interior is a cotton twill print by Amy Butler.
I picked up that fun, flirty, girly trim at JoAnn Fabrics.

I secured the top of each interior pocket with a fly stitch.
The fly stitch is used to add strength to high stress seams.
Have you ever had a pocket that tore loose at the top edge?
A fly stitch will help ease some of the ‘pull’ created on that seam.
Have you used the fly stitch?
Happy Sewing, my friends!


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