DIY Living Room Curtain Makeover

My living room curtains used to hang just above that window frame.
The room has vaulted ceilings, and after having them painted that serene blue/gray color,
I decided to raise the curtain height to better flow with the lines of the vaulted ceiling.
Of course, in doing so, the original 84″ long curtains ended up much too short.
Quite functional in a flood, but aesthetically dysfunctional!
A brand new pair of 93″ long curtain panels was out of the question.
I have a limited budget, plus I would rather update and renovate what I already have.
I found this lovely blue and cream print decorator fabric on the remnant table at Hancock’s.
My existing curtains were 54″ wide and that lovely new fabric was 58″ wide.
All I needed was to cut two panels 15″ x WOF:
Hemming each 15″ side with a 1″ double fold hem gave me 54″ wide panels.
Serging the top edge of each panel and adding a 1″ single fold top hem,
plus 2.5″ double fold bottom hem gave me the extra 9″ length needed
for the new curtains.
Why, you may ask did I completely finish off the panel addition before
attaching it to the existing curtain panel?
Rather than simply seaming the two pieces together,
I wanted that added length to look like it was intended rather than added.
So I chose to attach it with a hemstitch.
Perhaps it is a bit unconventional to use an heirloom stitch to seam curtain panels,
but I *heart* the added detail.
Heavy duty thread adds to the strength of the stitch.
 The Bernina Spanish Hemstitch Attachment attaches easily to the base of the machine
and the clear guide sits in the center of the #20 presser foot.

That clear guide allows the fabric to glide smoothly and perfectly along either side
as the machine stitches.
This DIY Living Room Curtain Makeover offers optimal impact at minimal cost.
Happy decorating, my friends.


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