Quick and Easy Zippered Pouches

If you’re looking for a quick accessory to stitch out on your embroidery machine,
might I suggest these great zippered pouches.
I use one to store my iPod – that way it is protected from scratches
and it keeps the ear buds close at hand.
They could also be used as gift bags,
or to store small toys (jacks, marbles, handheld game system),
or even pencils and pens.
Fabric by Amanda Murhpy
I chose to use one solid piece of fabric for the back side.
The back is a great canvas, though, for a monogram, or first name,
or mascot, or so many other options!


Almost everything I used is from my stash.
I like to stock up on zippers and other notions when they are 50% off.
So I even had the coordinating zippers on hand.
The only item I purchased for this project was the design file .
If you are new to in-the-hoop embroidery designs,
OESD offers a video tutorial you can watch before your purchase.
I’ve been stitching in-the-hoop designs for years and I’m hooked!

So there ya’ go.
A quick and easy mid-week project to use up your scraps and supplies on hand.
Quite functional also.
Are you a more productive weekday sewer,
or are you a weekend warrior?


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