Embroidered Linen Table Runner

Linen purchased from Anna Maria Horner
Here’s a variation of the Madeira and Bias table runner that I shared in April.
I ventured away from the very traditional ecru and white linen
to a much more vibrant, contemporary color palette,
yet still using traditional fabric (linen).
The beautiful butterfly and bug embroidery up there at the edge
adds a sweet design element.
 The bug border is a stock multi-hoop design that was included with my Bernina (v.5) software.  I did not alter the design at all.  The size and colors were perfect for this pattern and fabric.  Love when that happens!
Here’s a picture of the back after I added the pinstitching.
When sewing a pinstitch, it is best to use stabilizer.
As you can see, I’ve not yet taken the time to meticulously
remove all those little bits of stabilizer that didn’t tear away.
Gotta’ be honest, I may not take the time!
(Just keepin’ it real)

Of course, the Madeira and Bias Table Runner can be made without embroidery.
There are so many options with this intro to heirloom class.
Watch for one more, very contemporary version in the near future.
The Madeira and Bias Table Runner project is a class that I offer.
Right now, you can make your own in my home studio.
No need to own an embroidery machine.
I offer full use of my machines to my students.
If you are in the local Utah area,
contact me by email to arrange for your personalized instruction.
In the near future, I hope to be teaching this in a larger class format at a local store.
In that case, you would need to own an embroidery machine to add that touch.
Either way, this is a fantastic way to experience beginning heirloom stitching.
Enjoy your weekend, my friends.

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