It’s a Wrap!

Not sure what the ‘scrunchy’ face is for!
The Colette Patterns Osaka skirt from the March issue of 
Seamwork is a quick and simple reversible wrap skirt
that takes only a couple hours to sew.
Definitely use light to mid weight fabrics for this one
as there is a lot of bulk where the seams join.
I clipped the seams and pressed them in opposing directions where they all intersect.
That helped reduce the bulk.

The lightweight denim print by Gretchen Hirsch
and the lightweight wool suiting from my friend, Linda,
paired nicely for this year-round skirt.
I can wear it with tights (as shown here) in cool weather or
with strappy sandals or flats when the weather is warmer.

There is a button closure at the top of the skirt,
and a snap midway down, where the different fabrics meet.
Those two closures are enough to keep the opening secure.
From this side angle, you get an idea of how the wrap stays closed.

Skirt:  Osaka by Colette Patterns – Jacket:  Simplicity 2728
For the reverse side of the skirt, I used another denim print by Gretchen Hirsch
and another wool suiting from my friend Linda, this time in fuchsia pink.
If you are not familiar with Seamwork, I recommend it as a terrific
source of monthly sewing instruction and inspiration.
Check it out on the Colette Patterns website.

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