A Versatile Bunting

Hey Friends!
Here’s a quick and easy bunting that can be sewn up to fit the season
or the occasion as the case may be.
This one is definitely patriotic,
but I see it in great fall colors with a leaf applique,
in winter tones with snowflake appliques, etc.
You get the idea.
The triangle and star templates can be downloaded here.
I used a blanket stitch around the the large star,
and I sewed a narrow zig zag around the small star.
When you’re stitching around your applique pieces,
the Bernina presser foot #20 (open embroidery foot)
is a perfect choice because it has a wedge-shaped
indentation on the underside of it, which allows
those applique stitches to ride comfortably underneath.
And since it is open between those toes,
you can easily see where you are stitching.
And that helps you to get perfect stitch placement
around the edges of your applique pieces.
 I made one addition to the basic pattern instructions
by adding a layer of Floriani Stitch N Shape
between my outer triangle pieces
before I sewed around the applique.
Just cut the Stitch N Shape from your triangle template
and trim off about 1/4″ on all sides.
Once your triangle is stitched, turned and pressed,
simply insert the Stitch N Shape inside.
That adds great stability to your bunting
so it doesn’t “flop” around when it is hung.
It also acts as a stabilizer so your fabric
doesn’t bunch up while you are
stitching around your applique pieces.
Okay, there’s your freebie.
Go!  Make some bunting.
If you do, please share it with the rest of us.
As always, I appreciate that you take the time to read my ramblings.
Thank you, friends.

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