How to Easily Sew China Silk (and other slippery fabrics)

I’m sewing another Painted Portrait pattern.
This time it is a blouse instead of a dress.
The bodice lining is China silk.
I love to use China silk for lining.
I hate to fiddle with slick, misbehaving fabric.
Above are some of my favorite tools to use with such fabric.
First, a tip from Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns:
lightly spray the fabric with Sullivan’s Fabric Stabilizer
(be certain to test it on a scrap first).
Then, I like to lay out the fabric and pattern pieces on a cutting mat.
Finally, I cut the fabric and pattern using a rotary cutter instead of sheers.
Works like a charm!
After my pattern pieces were perfectly cut,
I began sewing the lining together at the shoulders.
Ugh!  Look at the difference between the left and right shoulder seams.
I sewed the first seam with my general purpose presser foot
(Bernina Foot #1, Reverse Pattern Foot)
The fabric got hung up under the presser foot and the seam slipped.
What a mess!
I switched to my non-stick zig zag foot
(Bernina Foot #52)
What a difference.
Look at how smooth and lined up that seam stayed.
I’ve now added the non-stick presser foot to my
group of favorite tools to use with slippery fabrics.
Are you shy about sewing with specialty fabrics?
Do you have any tips to share when sewing with these fabrics?
Please share with the rest of us.
I love to learn new tips and ideas.
Have a smooth sewing week, my friends.

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