Sew Over It Penny Dress

Hello sewing friends!
I just stitched up a comfortable summer dress.
Here’s a goofy video to share my review of this pattern:
Have you sewn this new Sew Over It pattern yet?
Please leave your take on this pattern in the comment section,
I would love to hear your thoughts.
Have a lovely week.

2 thoughts on “Sew Over It Penny Dress

  1. Hi, Pam. I enjoy your sewing YouTube channel very much. I have a question about the Penny dress: Did you purchase the pattern in PDF format? How does this work? Did you print it off at a print shop or at home?

    Thank you for a response,
    Jo N.


    1. Thank you, Jo, you are very kind. 🙂 I purchased this pattern as a PDF and printed it at home. If you do that, be sure to print at 100% (do not tell the printer to scale). Then you have to tape all the pieces together. Yes, it is a bit time consuming, but you have your pattern instantly. Since then, I have been sending my digital patterns to PDF Plotting ( They have a very quick turnaround time (takes less than a week to order my patterns and receive them in the mail) and they are quite reasonable IF you have several patterns to print. I have also used my local Staples for pattern printing (they can usually print my pattern in an hour or less, depending how busy they are). But they are a bit costly – depending on the number of pages, it can be anywhere from $8 – $20 for one pattern). My Office Depot/OfficeMax does not print patterns. If you are looking for a local place to print your patterns, ask them for wide format printing, not all of them have the equipment to print sewing patterns. PDF Plotting and my local Staples print the wide format, just like pattern companies. There is no taping together of multiple 8 1/2 x 11 inch pieces of paper. I hope that helps you.


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