Treasures and Trinkets Case


It is so rewarding to sew custom orders for my awesome clients!
We started with the #treasuresandtrinkets pattern from #patternsbyAnnie
and my client (V) customized it for her needs
You see, she is a jewelry maker and she requires lots of little storage pockets
The pattern has instructions for 3 sizes (S, M, L)
V chose the smallest size, which finishes at approximately 4 x 6 x 3.75 inches
This isn’t just any ordinary little case . . .
It’s like opening up nesting dolls
There’s more and more storage as you progress through all the layers
The pattern is designed to have a zipper pocket
only on the lining side of the “flaps”,
but V requested double-sided pockets,
and I was happy to oblige.
We also made the little removable pods double sided.
The bottom of the case is designed to just house the strap
that holds those pods in place,
but V requested an additional zipper pocket on the bottom.
If you decide to add a pocket here,
just be certain to allow room to attach
the snap for the pod strap above the pocket
V also requested a mesh zipper pocket on the inside lid of the case
instead of the mesh earring bar as designed in the pattern instructions
I used the vinyl mesh as directed in the pattern, but I made it into a zipper pocket
The vinyl mesh is sturdy and V can still attach earrings to the pocket
and/or she can store items inside the mesh pocket as well (pretty smart, isn’t she?)
The small removable pods measure about 3 x 3 inches
and they have a loop on one side to allow them to be attached to the snap strap
at the bottom of the case
This is the perfect size case for travel, but if you are new to bag making,
I would recommend starting with one of the larger sizes
and sew the case as instructed, without the extra pockets, 
as this smaller size can be a bit tedious
and it is a little fiddly to attach the binding
to those double-sided vinyl zipper pockets.

If you are an experienced bag maker,
go for it!  Have fun customizing your own version of this handy case.

V’s fabric choices are just lovely and the case is so useful with all those storage pockets.  
Perhaps she should pursue pattern design!     😉

If you have made this, or any other byAnnie patterns, please share in the comment section.
Happy Sewing, my friends!!!

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