Katie Cupcake Cheerio Wallet Pattern

I’ve really put my Necessary Clutch Wallet through the paces,
so I decided it was time for a new wallet.
Whilst I love my NCW, I also really enjoy trying new patterns.
So I decided on the Cheerio wallet pattern this time around:
I did alter the flap pattern piece so I could use the metal edge trim from Emmaline Bags.
The lining is one big, long piece.
Be certain to mark all the lines as indicated on the pattern.
Beginning with the bottom of the lining,
self-made (or purchased) binding is attached at the first line
(with the lining wrong sides together folded at the line).
Then the binding edge is folded up to the next line, etc.

It’s kind of like fabric origami.
If you are new to zipper insertion,
or just timid about giving it a try –
no worries.
The pattern walks your through a very simple zipper insertion method.
I used an ivory By Annie handbag zipper and a lipstick color zipper pull.
I love having the option to customize my zippers.
I used By Annie Soft and Stable instead of the fusible fleece as suggested in the pattern instructions.

The Soft and Stable is a bit thicker than the fleece, so I added a stitched line to serve as my
“score” line so the wallet would fold nicely.
I chose to add an embroidered monogram to the front flap because the Blush linenĀ 
just asked for some kind of embellishment.

The one step that I did not change, but that I would change on a future wallet,
is that I would insert a piece of Timtex the full size of the flap, rather than just a 2 x 2
piece as called for in the pattern instructions (see how the outline of the Timtex shows
through the fabric underneath the snap).
The fabrics I used for this wallet are:

English Roses by Penny Rose Fabrics for Riley Blake Designs

All in all, this is a quick and easy wallet pattern.
If you are in the market for a new summer sew,
this one would not take up much of your summer sunshine!
Happy Summer Sewing, friends!
Thank you for reading my blog.

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