Bed Runner

Just wanted to share some progress on a small quilting project that I started this week.  This is from the book Bed Runners Using Precut Fabrics by Kathy Brown.

The title of the pattern is “Serene Strips”.  Mine is anything but serene.  The pattern calls for one jelly roll for the strips and all I had on hand was this Dolce jelly roll by Westminster Fabrics.  This is stepping outside the box for me because my home decor is very neutral, warm tones.  However, I’m working on brightening my guest room somewhat while still keeping a cohesiveness with the rest of the house. I have several changes in mind for that room, so we’ll see. I’ll post before and afters when it is complete.

Obviously the bed runner is not finished.  I’m at a standstill because I just ordered coordinating fabric yesterday for the border, so I must wait until it arrives in the mail before I can finish.

Let’s see now, I’m sure I can find something else to keep me busy until then……

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