Colette Sewing Handbook: Taffy Blouse

Woo Hoo!  Here’s a blouse I know I will wear many times.

This is the second Colette pattern I’ve sewn up, and I’m liking the patterns more with each one that I make.  The fit is great.  I cut a size 8 from the shoulders down to the waist and then graded to a size 12 from the waist to the hem (darn hips!).  I did not make any pattern alterations.  Here is a picture from the side where you can get a glimpse of the back ties:

I will definitely sew up this pattern again, but the one and only design change I will make will be to move those back ties up a couple inches so they are just below my bust line.  In looking at these photos, I can see that would be a more flattering location for the ties.

The only detail I changed on this top is that I used my serger to make a narrow-rolled, lettuce hem.  I used regular poly thread in the needle and lower looper and for some interest I used a DMC silver metallic thread in the upper looper.  It is hard to see in these photos so here is a close up of the hem:

I always use French seams on sheer fabrics and this pattern is no exception.  For the binding, I simply used a 100% quilter’s cotton that I had on hand.  I initially thought it might be a little heavy for the neck binding and that it might “flop” down after it was applied, but I was wrong.  It lays beautifully along the neck and is not too heavy or bulky at all.

Bias binding

Inside finished seams

 Now I must begin my fit muslin for the jeans class that I am in over at

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