Crochet Edging

Isn’t the crochet edge along the bottom of  that Martha Stewart cake stand just the sweetest accent?  It probably took a whole 20 minutes to crochet.  I’m not exaggerating!  The instructions are over at Raising Up Rubies and it is originally suggested as a shelf edging, which is a terrific idea.  But every time I passed my cake stand, I wondered what I could do to give it a little oomph, and this was just the fix it needed.

Here’s a close up of the crochet scallop edging:

I adhered it to the stand using ultra-thin glue dots from my scrapbook supplies. The glue dots do a great job of holding the crochet edging to the cake stand, and while they stick to the ceramic, they do not cling to the yarn when the crochet edging is removed.  They can then be easily removed from the ceramic by simply peeling them off with your finger.

A couple of completed sewing garments are awaiting pictures and reviews, so I plan to have those up here in a few days.  In the mean time, if you are stateside, keep your chin up, it looks like spring just might be blowing in!  Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour this weekend.


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