Pressing Matters

I don’t publish too many posts concerning sewing techniques, but here’s one I felt was worth the effort.  I wish I had known this when I first started quilting.  Those of you who are seasoned quilt veterans will most assuredly find this information quite mundane and ‘old news’.  But to novice quilters such as myself, this is a gold nugget of information.  🙂

I’m currently sewing blocks for a Christmas (yes, I said it, Christmas) quilt.  There are a bunch of seams that come together right in the middle or close to the middle of the quilt block.

To be specific, there are four seams that meet right, smack dab in the middle of said block.  What a knobby blob one could produce by simply pressing all those seams to one side as usual.  A little trick I learned, is to take a small snip with my very sharp little pointy scissors right near that center meeting point, being extremely careful to not snip into the seam line.  Then I press half of that seam in one direction and the other half of the seam in the other direction.

Now it is a much more manageable ‘bump’ than previous intentions would indicate.  From the front, it is almost an unnoticeable ‘bump’.

In other news, I intend to cut and sew a Sewhaholic knit top pattern this week.  May you all have a fabulous week.


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