Simple Granny Square Table Runner

Rarely anymore, but now and then, there is something on television that catches my interest.
When that occasion arises, I like to crochet as I’m watching the show.

This project was pretty much a no-brainer for me.
I used leftover Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn from my stash.
And I first learned to crochet granny squares waaaaay back in the fifth grade,
so I didn’t have to purchase yarn and there were no instructions to follow.

The three yarn colors are igloo, bakery box white, and holly berry.
I used a size H/8 (5mm) hook.

The holly berry scalloped edging was achieved by crocheting 5 dc in one space,
skip 3 spaces, crochet 5 dc in the next space, etc.

The result is a lettuce-type edge. 
Happy hand-made week, my friends.   🙂


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