Silhouette Patterns #196: 4-Way Cardy

For such a simple sew, this was a complicated journey!

My original plan was to use this really pretty dimensional cotton knit:

My First Obstacle: The knit is only 30″ wide. Ugh!!!

I had two yards of this knit, but because it was so narrow, there was not enough to cut the long sleeves. So, I improvised and cut them shorter. I had to get creative because after cutting the bodice pieces, this is all that was left for the sleeves:

After stitching the cardy together, I was sooo excited to put it on and admire the result of my efforts – what a disappointment!!! (See video link below)

So I shifted gears, searched my stash, and pulled out a polyester knit with lots of beautiful drape. The green was not my first choice for my new cardy, but it is still a lovely garment. Here is a look at the back of it. It shows off the drape:

The cardy has french darts for shaping.

I like to use Hug Snug to stabilize the shoulder seams in my knit garments:

Here is a video review of my experience with this pattern:

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