Silhouette Patterns #3400: Three Piece Yoga Pant

My new yoga pants are comfortable, but I will definitely be working on the fit for future makes.

The only additional notion you will need to sew up this pattern is 2 inch elastic.

The elastic is used in the waistband.

For a more detailed review, click on this video:

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Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Silhouette Patterns #3400: Three Piece Yoga Pant

  1. Hi Pam!
    You had mentioned in your video for these pants that you signed up for Peggy’s online pants fitting class. Did you have comments and opinions about that in a later video I could watch?
    I was hesitant to sign up with it being online. I was not sure how effective it would be.
    I’ve watched all her pant fitting videos and recorded webinars and wondered if it would just be repeats of those.
    I did go to one of her trifectas and she fitted the three peice yoga for me! When I got home, I made up a new pair with her alterations and they fit great!
    So then I went to another trifecta for jeans. When I got home and did the alterations I was dissapointed with the results. Its soo hard to fit yourself for pants!
    I am glad I found you on YouTube. I enjoy your thoughtful reviews of Silhouette Patterns.
    Lori Prouhet


    1. Hi Lori!
      Yes, I did participate in Peggy’s online fitting class. I have not made a video to follow up because I was a bit disappointed in the class and I did not want to put negative content on YT. Rather, I would just share my experience if I was asked. Since you asked, I will be honest with my review. 🙂
      If you went to two of her trifectas, then my recommendation would be to NOT take the online class. If a sewer is new to sewing, fitting, and pant making and has not watched Peggy’s PBS show or YT videos, then the class could be a helpful choice.
      You said “and wondered if it would just be repeats of those”: I’ve watched many of her fitting videos and I have the Little Black Book video collection that she sells. A good amount of the class was instruction that was repeated in those videos (YT, PBS, and Little Black Book). In fact, a portion of the online class was from an actual trifecta. She posted a new class each week and the average length of the class was 15-20 minutes. We had access to all the class videos until January. Now we no longer have access. My pants fit okay, but still need adjusting, so I continue to tweak them. It is a long process. I agree with you 100% that it is soo hard to fit yourself for pants!
      I am a true fan of Silhouette Patterns so I do not want to post negative videos or blog posts, but I will definitely give an honest answer when asked. Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos and read my blog. I truly appreciate it.


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