Burda Dress and Milk Paint Chair and ScrapBuster Trivets, Oh My!

Hey everybody, I know it has been some time since I checked in on my pitifully-neglected blog.  Here are some of my completed projects from the month of June.  I just wanted to share a glimpse with you all before I head out the door for a camping weekend.  I will share complete posts on each one of them next week. I haven’t been able to write any reviews this month because  I dropped my camera broke and I was without one for about six weeks.  And let’s face it, a DIY review without photos is like a hot fudge Sunday without hot fudge!  My sweet hubby bought me a new camera two days ago and I’m learning to use it.

The top left is a peak of my new dress using Burda Style #108 pattern from the April 2013 issue.  Top right is a crochet table runner.  The little crochet flower will adorn the bottom left ScrapBuster Trivet from the Sew 4 Home blog.  And finally, another Sew 4 Home ScrapBuster Trivet is sitting atop the newly painted, chippy chair on which I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

Okay, I’m venturing out into the 100+ degree temperatures to go camping.  Good thing the RV has air conditioning!  I know, that’s not really camping, but that’s how I roll!!!  The RV park  also has a swimming pool.  Don’t judge me!

Have a most excellent and enjoyable weekend.


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